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"Issues of risk analysis" - Russia's leading scientific journal in the field of risk analysis and management. The journal is included on the list of the leading Russian peer-reviewed scientific journals.
Particular attention is paid to practical issues of publications.

In 2011, the journal will cover the topic of risks in the operation of critical infrastructure systems and their security, issues off analysis and risk management of infrastructure projects, institutional risks, energy security, improvement of comprehensive monitoring facilities, enforcement of the Law "On mandatory insurance of liability dangerous objects", other important and relevant topics.

Regular columns of the journal will be the "Methodology for Risk Analysis", "Practical experience", "Debating society". We are planning to actively work with foreign authors.

The journal is published quarterly in Russian last six years. Since
2011 the journal will be published in Russian and English language. In Russian there will be a printing and electronic version, there will be in English an electronic version.

It will be our pleasure, if the information published on pages of "Issues of risk analysis" will be useful in your work.

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